For the past fifteen years, Nik has incorporated the use of a computer playback system to replace traditional CD players. This has many advantages, including –

  • No skipping tracks, or degradation of CDs resulting in poor sound quality.
  • Instant searches meaning your requests can be found straight away from our music database of over 50,000 tunes.
  • The DJ can be more flexible with music selection and change their mind over what to play next based on crowd reactions and dance floor migrations, seconds before the end of the currently playing track.


Also worth mentioning is that all tracks on our computer system originate from original CDs or are legal downloads. All tracks are encoded at high quality bit rates to ensure the sound quality is on par with the original CD. We do not use poor quality mp3s from illegal file sharing web sites.

Please note .: Setup will vary depending on requirements
We use only the finest equipment available from manufacturers such as Cerwin Vega, Db Audio, Wharfedale, OtsDJ, Shure, Sennheiser, Yamaha, Dell, Studiomaster, Chauvet and Edirol.

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