“That’s a bit steep for playing records”

This is sometimes the reply when we give a quote. But there is much more involved behind the scenes than just turn up and play music.

Here is an example, for an event that is due to start at 7:30pm.

2:00pm Equipment – check all is working
4:00pm Load equipment into vehicle
5:00pm Shower and change
5:30pm Set off to event
6:00pm Unload equipment
6:20pm Commence setting up
7:00pm Check sound and light systems
7:20pm Chat to organiser and/or venue management to confirm timetable of events
7:30pm Event start

11:30pm Event end
11:35pm De-rig equipment
12:00am Load up vehicle
12:30am Make final goodbyes to venue management and head for home
1:00am Arrive home
1:10am Start unloading valuable kit from vehicle
2:00am Let dog out and lock up
2:15am Finally go to bed

These are some of the things the client or party goers do not see and sometimes fail to appreciate.

But it does not end there, these twelve hours don’t include the hours spent preparing for the night – drawing up a set-list, sourcing music, communicating with venue management and event organisers, organising transport, spare equipment and clothing.

On top of all this are expenses such as dry-cleaning, petrol, wear and tear, CD’s, etc., equipment costs – a combined cost of about £14,000.

Having good insurance such as Public Liability Insurance as well as PAT (Portable Appliance Testing), Legal business vehicle insurance and even breakdown cover is a must and has to be renewed on an annual basis.