Being as planning a wedding is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life we have dedicated this page to just that.


When it comes to celebrating the biggest day of your lives you will want to choose an evening of entertainment that compliments and enhances such a special occasion.

You have probably spent many thousands of pounds on the venue, the flowers, the photographer and all the other things that come together to make your perfect day come true…. So don’t leave your evening entertainment to chance. Remember you usually get what you pay for and like all the other professionals you have chosen for that big occasion your DJ is just as important.

Using our years of experience we will work with both of you to ensure your evening runs smoothly so that it compliments the rest of your very special day. From the moment you and your guests arrive at your reception, to the time you take to the dance floor as a new husband and wife right through the evening till we bid you and your guests a fond farewell we will do our utmost to make everything perfect for you both.



How much is your DJ worth?

Did you go for the cheapest outfits, Flowers, Venue, or Photographer? If yes then you will probably do the same for your disco and you can find some one to do it for £120 or less in some cases.

If however you have taken the time to choose just the right outfit, the perfect venue, wonderful flowers and a photographer you feel comfortable with then you should do exactly the same when choosing your entertainment. The main thing is have a realistic budget in mind.  Click here to find out what is involved.


It’s so much more than just playing music….

Playing the music you and your guests want to listen and dance to is just the beginning of what we offer. Music should be played at a volume that you and your guests are comfortable with, a quality selection of lights to help set the mood and build a great atmosphere plus we can also provide karaoke for some added fun. We also can provide a radio mic for speeches and special announcements and make sure the evening flows as the MC for the evening’s events i.e. announcing the buffet, the band etc.

A disco is the perfect choice for a wedding reception either with a band or as the sole entertainment provider. We can cover many genres of music and change the pace and tempo of the evening at the click of a button so catering for all of your guests what ever there age or musical persuasion.

When performing with a band or other artists we can keep the party flowing while the artists take a break, we can provide back ground music before the band takes to the stage, and can conclude the evening in style with your personal favorites.


The Benefits to you of using our services include:

  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Over 11,000 musical tracks available from many genre’s and artists
  • Providing the right music at the volume you request
  • Professional audio equipment to ensure quality sound reproduction
  • Professional lighting equipment to create the right atmosphere
  • Professional Mobile DJ entertainment from an experienced DJ
  • Putting the customer first
  • A positive friendly approachable attitude
  • Written confirmation and client contract
  • Fully covered by PLI & PAT
  • Peace of mind service

All audiences are different, and a lot of what we play will depend on ‘reading’ the audience and watching the reaction on the dance floor, no DJ, however experienced, can predict an exact play list in advance of your own function since musical taste is as individual to each person as their taste in food, drink, fashion etc. The ‘reading’ of your guests only comes with experience.

It is traditional at Wedding Receptions, for the Bride and Groom to have the first dance, and this usually signals the start of the evening’s entertainment. If you have invited Evening Guests, who may not have attended the actual Wedding Ceremony, then it is often advisable to leave the first dance until the majority of the guests have arrived, and suitable background music is played during this period. An ideal time to start the first dance is just after the buffet this gives your guests time to arrive, it gives you (The Bride & Groom) time to mingle and allow the atmosphere to gradually build.

We ask the Bride and Groom to choose the first song, one that has become there very own tune and means something very special to both of them. Sometimes a second track is also requested. The second track is usually played and dedicated to the Bride and her Father, or for the happy couple to invite their friends and relatives to join them on the dance floor.

We always invite all of our clients to provide a play list, ahead of the function detailing any special requests they may have which we will always try and include during the course of the evening, or more importantly any songs or genres of music to be avoided.. We do ask that this request list is kept to approximately twenty tracks, to ensure continuity and for us to incorporate the requests of your guests.

At Weddings, or indeed any function with a mixed aged audience we usually try and avoid anything too specialised, or Genre’s such as heavy metal, rap, trance and underground dance music unless specifically requested by the client (where they believe that it would be appreciated by their invited guests).

We would always advise you to allow some flexibility in your choice of music for a couple of reasons.

  1. Allow your DJ to use his experience to judge what might go down well and music chosen in the cold light of day may not seem such a good choice during your event.
  2. Use your DJs experience that’s what your paying him for.


We do try to tailor the music to the age range of the audience, and so if you do have an audience consisting of mainly younger guests then the play list will be tailored accordingly, and exactly the same for older age groups too. However we do find that most weddings encompass age ranges from the youngest children to the most elderly of great grandparents, this being the case we endeavor to play a little something for every guest again making them feel involved in your special day.

We feel that a wedding is so important that we have a dedicated wedding site click here to go to that site now